Your Pet's Wellness is Our #1 Priority!

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Dentistry & Oral Surgery

We cannot explain enough how important dental health is to your pet.

Dental disease is nothing to smile about! It’s more than just bad breath and tooth loss. Dental disease can cause SERIOUS HEALTH PROBLEMS affecting the heart, kidneys, and liver. AWCB recommends yearly dental cleanings and exams for your furry friends to help significantly improve and maintain their health!

Oral Assessment, Treatment, and Plan (Oral ATP) is a full dental exam, cleaning, and full-mouth radiographs. This procedure is done while your pet is under anesthesia. After the doctor has examined the teeth and the radiographs, they can then go forward with making a plan for your pet’s dental treatment. This may include extractions, dental sealants, and root canals.

It is important to remember that dental disease and teeth fractures often occur below the gum line and are not visible to the naked eye. This is why we stress the importance of dental x-rays for a complete assessment of your pet’s dental health.

Tooth fracture below the gum lineFractured tooth below the gum line