Dentistry & Oral Surgery

Much like caring for your teeth is a vital part of your health, dentistry is an important part of caring for your pet. An otherwise healthy pet with bad teeth or poor oral health is not a healthy pet and bad oral health can lead to other health problems. For those in the Bonita Springs, FL, area, Animal Wellness Center of Bonita is here to assist you and your pet in addressing all dentistry and oral surgery needs.

Why is Dental Care Important?

For pets, teeth are not just for eating – they can be tools of communication, or weapons to defend themselves. They can also cause a great deal of pain and discomfort if they are not cared for properly. We offer oral assessment treatment plans to help make sure that all your pet’s teeth issues are monitored and cared for. Our treatment plan offers full cleaning, dental exam, and radiographs. We take a deep dive into your pet’s oral health to see what needs to be done to get your pet in the best health possible.

Bad dental health can lead to a range of other health concerns like heart problems, kidney and liver problems, and the inability to eat. Most dental disease occurs below the gum line, where we cannot see. X-rays show damage to the teeth that we cannot see, and in-depth assessment finds problems that may not be readily apparent. For serious dental issues, we offer dental surgery. Our combination of preventative and practical dental care assures your pet will be as healthy as they can be.

Proper Dental Care From the Start

You must take part in proper dental care for your pet from the very start. When they are young they still need routine cleanings and exams. This helps instill trust in the veterinarian, keeps them from losing teeth, and establishes a foundation of dental care that helps ensure good oral health throughout the rest of your pet’s life.

Your pet cannot brush and care for their teeth, it is your job to make sure that they are getting the pet dental care they need. For those in Bonita Springs, FL, and the surrounding area, we at Animal Wellness Center of Bonita can provide you with pet dental care, dental surgery, and much more. Call us at 239-405-8387 or request an appointment online today.