Full Dental Care vs. Anesthesia Free Dental

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We know that oral health and regular dental care are essential for humans, but what many don’t know is that they are equally important for pets. Regular check-ups and dental cleanings promote tooth and gum health and provide an opportunity for veterinarians to detect certain health problems. The vet can also look for early signs of periodontal disease before it turns into a serious health issue. The veterinarian may provide anesthesia-free dental care as well as full dental care services. Many cat and dog owners in Bonita Springs choose Animal Wellness Center of Bonita as their go-to animal clinic for oral healthcare.

What Is Anesthesia Free Dental?

As the term suggests, with this type of dentistry your pet is not “put under” for a complete dental cleaning. Instead, the veterinary care provider restrains the animal to scrape, or scale, layers of plaque and bacteria from the cat or dog’s mouth. This can sometimes be traumatizing for pets because they don’t understand what’s happening and their movements need to be restricted for an extended period.

Additionally, anesthesia-free dental care doesn’t go far enough in protecting a pets’ oral health. The appearance of your pet’s newly-whitened teeth after the procedure can be misleading. Although an animal’s mouth will look much better after scaling, it hasn’t undergone the deep cleaning necessary to head off gum disease. Truly improving oral hygiene requires a veterinarian to use anesthesia to provide full dental care.

What Is Full Pet Dental Care?

When you take your cat or dog to an animal clinic for full pet dental services, your pet will undergo a thorough examination that usually includes X-rays, an inspection of the teeth and gums, and sometimes bloodwork to ensure that the animal is healthy enough for dental care. The veterinarian will also thoroughly clean under the gumline, scrape, and clean your pet’s teeth. While pets must be anesthetized, veterinary care professionals follow proper protocols to ensure maximum safety and comfort for the animal.

Pet Dental Services in Bonita Springs, FL

Our animal clinic provides comprehensive, compassionate full pet dental services to the Bonita Springs community. Call Animal Wellness Center of Bonita today at 239-405-8387 to learn more or schedule an appointment.

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