Your Pet's Wellness is Our #1 Priority!

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Healthy Pet Preventive Care Plan

Animal Wellness Center of Bonita's Healthy Pet Preventative Care Plan let you provide for your pet's annual preventive care with 12 affordable monthly payments *INTEREST FREE*

Maximize the Quality time between you and your pet!

Healthy Pet Preventive Care Plan Includes:

  • Examinations/consultations (puppy/kitten-5; dog/cat-3)
  • Tailored vaccinations
  • Heartworm test (dog)
  • Feline Leukemia & AIDS test (kitten)
  • Intestinal parasite test (3 puppy/kitten; 2 dog/cat)
  • Dewormer (puppy/kitten)
  • Pre-anesthesia blood panel
  • Spay/Neuter and microchip (puppy/kitten)
  • Oral ATP (dental scaling, polishing & fluoride treatment; full mouth digital X-rays, hospital medications (dog/cat)
  • Wellness blood and urine profile (dog/cat)
  • 12 doses of internal and 12 doses external parasite control/prevention
  • 10% off non-plan services & medications

Convenient and affordable path to provide your pet's optimal care needs

Collection of healthcare services, products, and medication for your pet financed interest free with 12 monthly payments

Complement to your pet's existing medical insurance policy

Safe and effective way to provide preventive services that keep your pet healthy and your pocketbook happy!

Plan Benefits:

  • Know in advance your pet's preventive services & fees
  • Enjoy comfortable office visits with your pet
  • Afford 12 convenient monthly payments
  • Enjoy interest free financing
  • Gain 10% discount on prepaid Health Pet Preventive Care Plan
  • Receive 10% discount on non-plan services and medications
  • Ensure your pet's quality of life