Holiday Pet Safety Tips

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For many of us, the holidays are a time to spend time with those we love, including our pets. However, we must be careful that our enjoyment doesn’t result in a pet needing emergency veterinary care. For that reason, Animal Wellness Center of Bonita recommends that pet owners use the following holiday pet safety tips as a guide. That way, both you and your animal friends can celebrate and enjoy yourselves with a lot less worry.

1. Keep Dogs and Cats Away From the Tree

While a green tree can set the mood for the holidays, it can pose a hazard for your pets. Try securing your tree by tying it to the ceiling or positioning it against a wall or doorframe with a wire or fishing hook. That way, you can avoid the risk of your pet accidentally knocking it over.

In addition, you should try and keep your dogs or cats from chewing on the limbs or other remnants that fall from the tree. If your pet ends up swallowing pine needles, they could get lodged in their intestinal tract, which could lead to a puncture or obstruction that requires emergency care.

2. Be Careful About Plants Placed Around the Home

While seasonal plants can make your home look more festive, many contain toxins that could poison your pant. So take care where you place plants like mistletoe, holly, or poinsettias. You may be better off going with fake plant decorations instead of the real thing.

3. Ask Guests to Avoid Feeding Pets

If you decide to host a holiday gathering at your home, ask your guests to refrain from feeding your dog or cat. The richness of some foods can upset their stomach. It’s also possible for bones to get lodged in their throat, causing them to choke.

You should also keep your pets from eating any foods that contain citric acids. For example, recipes that use cherry pits and apple seeds contain oils that can cause problems within a dog or cat’s digestive system. In addition, avoid giving pets any toxic foods containing ingredients like grapes, chocolate, or onions.

Emergency Holiday Help for Pets

If you do end up needing emergency care for any of your furry friends, contact Animal Wellness Center of Bonita. Our staff makes sure your pet’s wellness is our #1 priority.

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