Oral ATP

Oral Assessment, Treatment and Prevention = Oral ATP

In human dentistry, the term dental prophy (short for prophylaxis) is used to describe a PREVENTATIVE procedure. In veterinary medicine, the term Oral ATP is used to describe what is done during the professional oral hygiene visit. In dogs and cats over 3 years of age, 85% of those dogs and cats will have ESTABLISHED periodontal disease (some of which is reversible). Rarely, do veterinary professionals and their staff perform dental prophy treatments.

Components of the Oral ATP

I. Assessment

A. Patient History

B. General Exam

C. Facial Exam

D. Awake Oral Exam

E. Pre-Opertative Work up including laboratory analysis (blood, urine and/or stool), imaging (X-rays of non-oral origin – chest X-rays for example) and potentially electrical evaluation of the patient’s heart (electrocardiogram – EKG)

F. General Anesthesia

G. Oral Exam, Tooth-by-tooth and Oral Cavity Charting under General Anesthesia. Digital Photographs Obtained.

H. Intra-oral X-rays

II. Treatment

A. Utilizes different equipment to treat periodontal (tooth’s support structures), endodontic (internal structures of the tooth) and exodontic treatment (extraction of a tooth).

III. Prevention

A. Daily home care in the form of brushing, diets, chews, water additives, wipes all in an attempt to prevent and limit plaque formation which leads to periodontal disease

B. Follow-up visits and future Oral ATP

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