Pet Laser Therapy in Bonita Springs, FL

Pet laser therapy is a state-of-the-art method of pain relief without the need for any medications. It’s a quick and painless form of treatment that pets frequently enjoy (some even fall asleep during the procedure). This is just one of the many treatment options we offer at the Animal Wellness Center of Bonita Springs.

About This Treatment

A handheld laser device is used by our vet for this type of treatment. Our vet applies the laser light to the surface of your pet’s skin for a few minutes. This triggers a reaction in your pet’s body that is known as “photobiostimulation.” Photobiostimulation releases soothing, pain-relieving endorphins into your pet’s bloodstream. It also causes injured cells to heal more rapidly.

Reasons to Use Pet Laser Therapy

Laser therapy for pets provides pain relief from injuries, surgeries, age-related issues, and other conditions. In addition to immediate pain relief, the treatment accelerates your pet’s healing process. Laser therapy is frequently used as a companion treatment in conjunction with other therapies.

The procedure is fast and free of side effects. This is a major draw for many pet owners. You won’t have to wrestle with pill pockets or worry about side effects or allergic reactions to a new medication. Rather than laser therapy being an “alternative” treatment method, for many types of pets, it is one of the only options. There aren’t many medications that have been developed for cats. The same goes for exotic pets.

Pet Laser Therapy in Bonita Springs, FL

Uses of Pet Laser Therapy

Here are some of the many ways that laser therapy can benefit an ailing pet:

  • Relief from musculoskeletal pain in senior pets
  • Pain relief from injuries or surgery
  • Ear infections
  • Arthritis
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Hot spots, open wounds, or sores

What to Expect During a Laser Therapy Appointment

When you bring your pet to our animal hospital for a laser therapy appointment, expect it to go quickly. We’ll make your pet comfortable before applying the laser wand to the affected area. A full procedure like this usually takes less than ten minutes. The light stimulation provides immediate pain relief. It’s not at all unusual for pets to become extremely calm or to even fall asleep for a little nap during treatment, because it relaxes them so suddenly.

Emergency Pet Care in Bonita Springs

At Animal Wellness Center of Bonita, we provide everything from routine checkups and vaccinations to emergency pet care. For more information on the services offered at our animal hospital or to schedule an appointment, call us at 239-405-8387.

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