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Spay and Neuter: Why They Are Important

At Animal Wellness Center of Bonita in Bonita Springs, FL, we understand that many pet owners are conflicted about having spay or neuter surgery done to their beloved pets. We are here to tell you that you don’t need to feel this way as this type of surgery is an important procedure that has many benefits. Here are the top four reasons to have this surgery performed on your pet.

Slows Down the Population Growth

The fact that there are a huge number of animals in the country that are homeless or abandoned is striking and concerning. There is so much an animal shelter can do to provide the care that these unwanted animals need. Our veterinary team suggests that if you are not in any way, shape, or form considering in raising litters, sterilize your pet. By doing this, you help slow down the rising numbers of homeless and abandoned pets.

Restrains Undesirable Behaviors

Spay and neuter surgery curbs a number of unwelcome behaviors, such as:

  • Reduced roaming around the neighborhood to attract the attention of the opposite sex
  • Reduced aggression to other pets
  • Reduced spraying and marking territories
  • Decreased mounting on other dogs or cats
  • Decreased mating calls

Greatly Decreases Health Risks

Many health complications that commonly affect pets are significantly reduced. For females, breast tumors and uterine infections are less likely to occur. For males, testicular cancer and some prostate problems are eliminated.

Cost-Effective in the Long Term

Spay and neuter surgery is preventative care, which means that it is the most practical way to keep your pet healthy before an issue comes about. This surgery is far less expensive than providing constant care for litters and treating for problems that could have been prevented in the first place.

Call Us to Make an Appointment

In Bonita Springs, FL, our veterinary team at Animal Wellness Center of Bonita is here to provide the care that your pet needs to stay healthy and well for the long term. If you are interested in having this procedure done for your furry companion, then give us a call at 239-405-8387 to book an appointment.

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