2023 New Client Loyalty Program

Receive 1600 points and in turn, gain rewards for downloading and signing up for our app.

AWCB’s 2023 New Client 1600 points are applied as follows:

Month #1: $20.00
(App Download, Loyalty Activation + AWCB Reward)

Month #2: $10.00 (AWCB Reward)

Month #3: $10.00 (AWCB Reward)

This is a gift that keeps on giving!

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Refurr a Friend

We love our clients! And if you have a friend who you think would love us, we hope you’ll introduce us!

For a limited time, receive 400 bonus points in the AWCB Rewards program when you Refurr A Friend!

Don’t Have PetDesk Yet? Still need to opt-in to AWCB Rewards? Getting started is easy:

• Open the app store on your mobile device. Search for and download PetDesk for FREE!
• Create an account. Make sure to sign up with the same email we have on file here.
• Search for Animal Wellness Center of Bonita by name or enter our referral code, 1511
• Opt-in to AWCB Rewards and earn 400 Points just for signing up!

Now the hard part… spend or save? Use your welcome points to receive $5 off your next retail purchase or save up to redeem for an even bigger reward! Refurr A Friend and receive an additional 400 points!

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