What to Do If Your Pet Is Hit By a Car

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Having a plan for emergency pet care if a car hits your pet can help save your pet’s life. Our veterinarians at Animal Wellness Center of Bonita have put together some information on what to do if your pet is hit by a car.

Getting an Injured Pet to the Veterinarian

When your pet is struck by a car, the first step is moving your pet to a safe location. Don’t panic. During an emergency, it’s easy to forget that your dog can lash out when it’s in pain. Use a makeshift muzzle to stay safe and provide care to your pet. You can use a belt, scarf, shoelaces, or shirtsleeves to muzzle your pet. If your pet has trouble breathing, don’t use a muzzle and instead use a blanket. It’s best to wrap a small pet in a towel or blanket to provide security and warmth. Be sure to keep your pet’s mouth and nose exposed and do not press on any injured areas. Blankets can also be used as a stretcher for weakened or severely injured pets.

Once your pet is in a transport vehicle, call the nearest pet urgent care animal hospital to notify them and give your estimated time of arrival. If the animal hospital knows that you are coming, they can be prepared to help you transfer your pet into the hospital as well as have the emergency equipment ready for treatment. Even if you don’t think your pet has sustained a major injury, it’s still important to see a veterinarian as soon as possible since internal injuries are difficult to detect without formal veterinary training.

Emergency Pet Care in Bonita Springs, FL

If you live in or around Bonita Springs and your pet is involved in a car accident, bring your pet to Animal Wellness Center of Bonita for emergency care. Many injuries after an accident can be life-threatening yet still treatable if you receive emergency pet care in a timely manner. If you have any questions for our veterinarians, call us today at 239-405-8387.

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