Hospitalization & Fluid Therapy

AWCB is prepared and equipped to hospitalize your pet, if needed. In many cases, fluid therapy, medication administration, patient monitoring, and additional diagnostics are required over a length of time. This helps us ensure your pet is receiving and responding to the appropriate treatment recommended by their veterinarian.

Fluid Therapy

Fluid therapy is often recommended, not only for surgical patients, but for chronically ill patients as well.

Intravenous fluid therapy is the method of administering and replenishing fluid throughout the patient’s body through and I.V. catheter placed into their vein, to get the fluid directly into their bloodstream. I.V. fluids are commonly used with hospitalized patients for any cause of dehydration, such as vomiting and diarrhea, and for conditions such as liver and kidney disease.

Subcutaneous fluid administration is when fluid is give into the space under the skin, the subcutaneous tissue, where it can be absorbed into the body and bloodstream. This method is very useful in providing fluids to patients with chronic renal problems to prevent dehydration.