Pet Wellness Exams

Yearly wellness exams are one of the best things you can do for your pet to increase the odds that your pet will remain healthy throughout the year. At Animal Wellness Center of Bonita Springs, FL, our veterinary care focuses on keeping your pets healthy. For older pets, we recommend a veterinarian checkup twice per year, and for pets that have chronic health issues. The exam is also a good time to get any vaccinations that are needed. Solid vet care like this also improves the chances of discovering issues before they become serious problems.

Pet Wellness Exams

The exam starts with the veterinarian asking a lot of questions about your pet. This is a way of learning about issues the pet is having, whether that be behavioral issues or some health issue that you have noticed. The veterinarian will ask about diet, exercise, and general living conditions for the animal. Keeping track of a pet’s health history is one way that vet care can be involved in the overall care of your pet. It is also a good idea to get an exam for a pet you have adopted.

Pet Wellness Exams in Bonita Springs, FL

The Physical Exam

The wellness exam is a nose to tail exam, with the vet checking all areas of the animal. Veterinarians listen to the breathing and the heartbeat with a stethoscope and may use other equipment to check the eyes and ears. Your dog or cat is weighed, and the temperature is measured. The vet will also check lymph nodes, any lumps or scratches that are visible, as well as checking for parasites. The exam also includes a dental examination and assessment of your pet's dental health. The veterinarian may also take a blood sample and ask you to bring a urine or stool sample for examination.


During the exam, the vet will take samples of various kinds and lab work will be done. Blood tests tell veterinarians a lot about your pet's health. The blood test results in a chemistry panel that is used to evaluate the health of your pet. From this test, a vet can determine if your pet has anemia, organ disease, or any other internal issues.


Checking for parasites is a bit part of a veterinary wellness exam. Even if your dog or cat lives indoors, they may still get fleas or ticks. Heartworm is always a concern for dogs. You vet may give you recommendations for treating parasites.

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